Interested in studying with the software engineering group? At the University of Toronto, new students must apply through the department. You can find information on this process at the department's web page.

You should browse the professor pages. While admissions are done by a committee, it is useful to know a project or area you wish to work on.

Please look at the following summary pages of upcoming projects to get an idea of what you might be interested in working on.

Projects of Professor Marsha Chechik[edit]

Projects of Professor Kelly Lyons[edit]

I am currently looking for students who are interested in working on a project with SAP Vancouver, Collaborative Decision Making in Software Engineering over Distance.

Check out what my current students are working on.

Projects of Professor Eric Yu[edit]

My research is directed at several areas in software engineering, early-stage requirements analysis, information systems, enterprise architecture, and knowledge management. In most cases, we try to gain new insights and perspectives by using a strategic actors modeling approach (See the i* modeling homepage). Some student research topics include: