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PhD :: Albert Lai



Program derivation methods such as refinement calculi.

Contact Information

academic homepage -- personal homepage

PHD Thesis

[ 2000 -- Current ] Operational Semantics, Soundness, and Lazy Timing


  • Eric Hehner

MSC Thesis

[ 1996 -- 2000 ] A Tool for a Formal Refinement Method


  • Eric Hehner


2003 2002 2001 previous


  • S. M. Easterbrook, M. Chechik, B. Devereux, A. Gurfinkel, A. Lai, V. Petrovykh, A. Tafliovich, and C. Thompson-Walsh. ``XChek: A Model Checker for Multi-Valued Reasoning, in Proceedings, 25th International Conference on Software Engineering, Portland, Oregon, May, 2003


  • M. Chechik, A. Gurfinkel, B. Devereux, A. Lai, and S. Easterbrook. ``Data Structures for Symbolic Multi-Valued Model-Checking, CSRG Technical Report, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, January, 2002


  • M. Chechik, B. Devereux, S. Easterbrook, A. Lai, and V. Petrovykh. ``Efficient Multiple-Valued Model-Checking Using Lattice Representations, in Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR'01), Aalborg, Denmark, pp. 451-465, August, 2001


  • M. Chechik, S. Easterbrook, B. Devereux, A. Lai, V. Petrovykh and C. Thompson-Walsh. A Framework for Multi-Valued Reasoning over Inconsistent Viewpoints -- Project Report, CSRG Technical Report, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, August, 2000

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