The Computing and Climate Change Reading Group meets every Wednesday lunchtime (12pm) in the Software Engineering lab debugging room (Third floor Bahen - BA3234). Bring your own lunch.

Our aim is to discuss books, papers, research ideas and practical projects on any aspect of climate change where computer science might have a role, whether it be in the basic science (e.g. computational models of climate), policymaking and decision support (e.g. visualizations& decision tools), or designing mitigation and adaptation solutions (e.g. green IT). We'll also spend some time exploring interdisciplinary aspects.

Everyone is welcome!


Some potential objectives:

...and some early goals for the group:

Topics to discuss[edit]


Scheduled for our lunchtime meeting on June 29th, just in time for the CGCS talk on Climate Engineering by Mark Lawrence later in the day (3pm MP137). Suggested readings:

Agent Based Modeling[edit]

(Michalis: These are links were sent to me about a year ago by Michail Fragkias. I'm transcribing his comments from Greek.)

The Keystone Pipeline[edit]

When Cheryl McNamara visited on August 17, she encouraged us to write letters to President Obama, to ask him not to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline. Here's some background material:

Potential Readings[edit]


Background Papers[edit]

Papers mentioned during meetings[edit]


CO2-ink demonstration

Nature of Science part 1, 2, and 3

CBC documentary Playing God with Planet Earth

Bill McKibben article set to video

Other Resources[edit]

IEEE TCSC on Green Computing Free Online Course

Steve's CSC2600 Course on Climate Change Informatics

The IPCC FAQ collection

Past Meetings[edit]

(We're currently taking a short break, planning to start up again a few weeks into the fall term)