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Accounts on this wiki are restricted to members of the SE group. This determination is made automatically based on who is the sponsor of your CSLab unix account.

To apply for a CSLab unix account, fill out the form at and then bug your supervisor to approve the request. Note your "login name".

After your CSLab unix account is created, you will automatically get a mediawiki account on the server for To set a password for mediawiki, go to the login page, type your CSLab account name, and press "E-mail password". It will mail a new password to (Accounts are automatically created on this server several times a day, but your POC can accelerate the process upon request.)

If you already have a CSLab unix account, and your sponsor is in SE, you already have a mediawiki account (but you may have to set your password as described above). If you think you should have a mediawiki account but don't, please contact your POC.