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Model problems for Requirements Engineering

Mature disciplines typically have a set of 'model problems', problems which researchers around the world can use to evaluate their designs or new techniques. I've never seen a good central location for these problems for requirements engineering, so I thought I would go through most of the papers I've read and find the common case studies. Shout-out to CMU, who host a set of model problems for software architecture, three of which appear here as well.

What does it take to make this list? The first constraint is that the problem is described in a domain-centred way, and without reference to a particular solution or technology. The description should be external to the paper it appears in (so any omissions are clear). There should be more than one paper referencing this problem (otherwise it isn't a 'model'). Finally, preferably there is a final implementation (or post-mortem) for comparison purposes.

Updates and additions are welcome.

Title Description Source Files Cited in Working implementation
BART AART A safety-critical train control system citation van Lamsweerde 2001 not clear
LAS The London ambulance system Description at U. Lancaster Anthony Finkelstein's gathering of documents Lamsweerde04 Finkelstein and Dowling 94
Meeting Scheduler Schedule meetings, possibly distributed CMU description Yu 1995
Library information system A system for managing library tasks like checking out books. CMU description Pejtersen 92, Dardenne et al. 93
ATM Automated teller machine CMU description (pdf) Wang et al, ASE 2007

Non-referenced case studies

Here are some other possible case studies, as yet unreported (at least, I couldn't find a reference).

Title Description Source Files Working implementation
Ontario Portal An e-government portal strategy Ministry documentation none
Gotham City Fire Dispatch A modeling challenge at RE 09 based on the LAS case study. Olly Gotel's summary materials

Other (possibly apocryphal) case studies

  • Air traffic control
  • Package routing
  • Elevator
  • Cruise control