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The software modeling and analysis group, headed by Prof. Chechik (, is looking for a research software engineer to help out with a project on software modeling with applications to automotive systems. The group conducts research in rigorous software engineering, verification, requirements engineering, and feature-based modeling. The objective of the position is to assist us in developing the Model Management Tool Framework (MMTF) - an Eclipse-based infrastructure for implementing research in modeling. MMTF has been around since 2007 but is ready for some major consolidation and improvement, to make it amenable to processing real-life models. The candidate will "own" MMTF and be responsible for all aspects of its development, including incorporating "prototype-quality" implementations of new research done by existing graduate students. The ideal candidate would have completed a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (although we will consider OUTSTANDING students who have completed two years in a CS program for a PEY) and will have the following skills:

  • Java programming expertise (beyond just what is obtained from doing course work assignments)
  • (asset) Experience with Eclipse and Eclipse modeling framework technologies (EMF, GMF, GEF, etc.)
  • (asset) Experience with UML
  • (asset) Experience with source control and bug tracking systems
  • Ability to work independently on a task
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong theoretical, abstract and mathematical skills
  • Knowledge/practice of modeling within Software Engineering
  • (asset) Knowledge of graph theory

The candidate will:

  • Interact with graduate students, post docs and faculty to
    • gather new MMTF requirements
    • review MMTF design alternatives
    • assist with MMTF usage and provide training
  • Implement design changes and extensions
  • Test and document implementations
  • Create content for and maintain the MMTF web site

The candidate may also be involved in preparation of scientific publications related to MMTF.

This is a full-time position for at least a year. Interested candidates should send their resume, their academic transcript and a brief statement of why they are interested in this project and their availability to We will be accepting applications and conducting interviews until the position is filled.