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Our Reading Group meets each week to discuss papers suggested by our members. Attendance is open to everybody. Feel free to add paper suggestions to our paper queue. Occasionally, members give practice talks. Contact Neil to arrange a talk.

  • When: 1pm - 3pm, alternating Tuesdays
  • Where: SE Debugging Room (the lounge area in the new SE Lab)
  • Bonus: tea/coffee and dessert

Future sessions

Past sessions

Software engineers often use hand-drawn diagrams as preliminary design artefacts and as annotations during reviews. We describe the addition of sketching support to a domain-specific visual language meta-tool enabling a wide range of diagram-based design tools to leverage this human-centric interaction support. Our approach allows visual design tools generated from high-level specifications to incorporate a range of sketching-based functionality including both eager and lazy recognition, moving from sketch to formalized content and back, and using sketches for secondary annotation and collaborative design review. We illustrate the use of our sketching extension for an example domain-specific visual design tool and describe the architecture and implementation of the extension as a plug-in for our Eclipse-based meta-tool.

Organizing principles

As for structure and readings, I (Neil) was thinking of organizing the papers along the lines of "great problems in software engineering". Here are a few of my suggestions:

  • how to tell if a problem is 'essentially complex' or 'accidentally complex'; if the former, how can we manage it?
  • why is it that UML has a penetration rate of <40%? Whither agile software development?
  • does agility have any place in large-scale projects?
  • is model-driven development the next big thing, or industry hype?
  • is service orientation the next big thing, or industry hype?
  • is <insert technology here> the next big thing, or vendor hype?
  • why do few organizations do requirements 'well'?
  • what degree of formality is necessary/acceptable in software engineering?

Suggestion Box

There are many papers that we could choose from, and I welcome suggestions. However, to maintain interest I suggest we focus on work that has been published quite recently, e.g., the last 2 ICSEs, the last RE, etc.

Papers are not listed in any particular order. Feel free to add/remove papers/categories.


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